Hey everybody!


I’m doing a solo play on Broadway called The New One. It’s my fourth solo show. People always ask me jokingly, “Who is your understudy?” and, the truth is:


I’d love to have an understudy. I’d love to see what it would look like, if someone else were performing my lines.


So I’m sending you this challenge. The winner will perform on Broadway!


Make a video of yourself, that’s less than a minute, on your phone doing one of these monologues from: Sleepwalk With Me, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, or Thank God For Jokes. Ira Glass and my director and the producers and I will choose a winner. If it’s you, we’ll fly you to New York City, put you up, and hand you $1,000 for meals and whatever. Meals in New York are expensive!


I want to be very clear you will not become my understudy. I think that’s illegal.


But – next best thing – on January 16th, you’ll perform your monologue on the Cort Theatre stage introduced by This American Life’s Ira Glass. In other words … your own Broadway debut! (Nathan Lane: please do not apply.)


To be clear, I don’t want you to impersonate me. I want to see YOUR version of it. You can post the videos on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #BirbigsUnderstudy. Be sure to tag @NewOneBway!


Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring! Really looking forward to this.

Love, Mike.